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1. Write the rules

2. Write thirteen things about yourself

3. Answer the thirteen questions made by the person who tagged you, and make your own thirteen questions

4. Tag thirteen deviants. And I mean ONLY thirteen!

5. Make sure that they know that they are tagged

6. Don't say, "You're tagged if you read this..."

7. It is forbidden to not tag anyone

8. Tag backs are allowed

9. If you're lazy, do it on comments of this journal (Please comment on this journal, do not do it on my page, thank you)

10. If you don't make this tag in a week, you need to obey a wish of the person who tagged you

I will be doing two tags in one (both are overdue for me)


1. I have OCD
2. I like to play Dungeons & Dragons
3. This is my only social media account
4. I love old books (like Dracula and Frankenstein and Edgar Allen Poe and what not)
5. I find it hard to write 13 things about myself
6. I am a HUGE music fanatic
7. I play drums, marimba is my favorite
8. I like to collect masks
9. By the time I am done writing this I have probably written out and erased and rewritten words or sentences over 100 times thanks to my OCD
10. I believe that I was born on an unlucky day
11. I o KY lived in the place I was born for 3 years and haven't been there since (I am very sad about this)
12. I enjoy a nice game of chess
13. I have Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street and Repo: The Genetic Opera both memorized

TheBlackRam asks

1. Do you like work?
-Depends on my mood-

2. You like anime?
-Yes, though I am finding it hard to like the newer ones (too raunchy for my liking)-

3. What are your thoughts on capitalism?
-I do not know enough about it to have an opinion (Yet)-

4. What do you think you'll be like in... say, twenty years?
-It would take too long for me to explain it-

5. Do you have to spell everything correctly?
-I try extremely hard to, but it is impossible me not to have at least one typo-

6. What is your least favorite food?
-I am not a fan of chili-

7. How many days do you think it'd take you to rule the world?
-Depends on which plan I went with (Either years or less than 3 days)-

8. Do you consider video games as art?
-Absolutely, no question-

9. Who is the most talented person you know personally?
-My Wife-

10. What official DeviantArt emoticon would you use to describe yourself?

11. Is indie even a real genre... of like anything?

12. Your favorite mythical beastie?
-Vampires (They're kind of a big part of my life)

13. Would you rather have eternal day or eternal night?
-Eternal night-

WordyKite asks

1. If you were a character in a story, what kind of character would you be? Supporting? Main? Unmentioned?
-It completely depends on the story (Love story unmentioned, Mythic story supporting, completely horrifying story totally the main evil dude)-

2. You're next in line on Karaoke Night. What song would you be singing along to?
-I like way to many sings and bands to pick just one-

3. If the apocalypse happened right now, what's your survival plan?
-I would go to the nearest Walmart and make base (I hate Walmart, but I can not deny that it has all your essential needs and then some)-

4. If things get desperate, would you cheat your way to the top?
-Absolutely not-

5. If you were genderbent for a day, what would
you do? Please, nothing inappropriate.
-I would continue on like it's a normal day (Ain't no rest for the wicked and all that)(Absolutely hate the word ain't by the way)-

6. In your own words, define 'Selfie' and do you take selfies or do you shun them like how a vampire shuns garlic and sunlight?
-A complete waste of time and no (Except for my profile picture I suppose, but I only did that one for personal reasons)-

7. You're give a chance to meet Viv, Mike, or Tori. Who would you spend a day with? Nothing inappropriate, please.
-I would pick all three because it's not the WordyKite account without all of you, and I would do whatever you guys would like to do, probably watch you guys play your instruments-

8. What's the story behind your username? Don't worry. We got all the time in the world to hear the tale.
-It sounds and flows better than ListenToMyRevenge-

9. Can someone freakin' explain to me what's the point of adoptables? They're cute and all but why is there a trade market for them? I'm so confused!
-What the heck are adoptables...?-

10. Do you want us to make a song for you? Keep in mind, Viv transcribes our music sheets so don't choose a song that's too hard to find. Do you want the whole gang to play the song or do you want certain people to do it or just one person? If you say yes to the first question, please send us a note of the song and we'll see if we can do it. ^.^
-I do not care, it is up to you guys, if you decide to have the whole gang (including Suga if he's up to it) and play whatever you want (preferably something a little dark/sad-

Here are the tags: (I will o my be having right, I apologize if that is a problem, but I do not know who all likes these kind of things)

Your thirteen questions:

1. What is your favorite genre of music?
2. Do you like books (If so, what kind)?
3. If you could write a story, what kind would it be and what would it be about?
4. Do you believe in demons and spirits and whatnot?
5. What is one language that you would really wish to learn?
6. Do you like H.P. Lovecraft or Edgar Allan Poe more?
7. Do you still play/watch Pokémon (Have you ever)?
8. If you could pick to live in any time period, what would it be?
9. What is the very first thing that pops into your head when you read this question?
10. Do you prefer morbid/macabre stuff or happy-go-lucky things?
11. What is your least favorite color, why?
12. What inspires you most?
13. What is(was) the happiest moment in your life (so far)?


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